Saturday, January 31, 2015

Yearly inventory

By the time I warm up to my birthday it's over .♡
I usually make an inventory list on my birthday of what I have learned or reaffirmed in the last year mostly because I want to be
the wise old woman everyone listens to. I can't believe it's been a year tomorrow that we have been here!

So here is my wisdom list - Things I have learned or affirmed
  • Having dreams come true is amazing but there is always a price to pay
  • Gecko tails come off if you grab them but they grow back
  • It does get a little chilly in Hawaii at night after you have been here awhile
  • Walking on a boat without my AFO's is no longer an option
  • Having my dog almost die really shook me up - never saw that coming
  • Investing in someone else's dream might be the defining moment in your relationship
  • Losing my vision was the scariest thing to happen this year
  • Telling people I would be happy to live in a studio apartment on Maui may not have been realistic but we are making it work
  • Writing about my trauma helps to take away it's power over my life
  • The threat of a hurricane is blown (ha) out of proportion
  • Being prepared for a hurricane makes me feel more secure
  • My husband is braver than I have ever know any man to be
  • My idea of a good movie is not Hollywood's that's for sure
  • Missing people is constant but if your the one that left you can't complain
  • Ambien is what was missing on my med list - Love that stuff!
  • People can block you on fb for no apparent reason
  • Whales are incredible mammals and I want to swim with one
  • I still hate centipedes!
  • Accepting my health makes me less angry and it's easier to be grateful for the health I do have
  • They make scooters that can go on the beach!
  • I love my little brother so so much and I am so proud of him!
  • Finding good doctors, ones that care and really listen is like gold
  • Taking Cipro 4-5 times a year the last 6 years has progressed my CMT
  • As much as I love my hubs I still want the bed to myself
  • It is not fair to have hair on my lip and pimples
  • When God wants your attention it is best to give it to him unconditionally
  • My husband will do anything I ask so it is important to keep what I ask of him respectful and honoring to our relationship
  • I am a survivor and an incredibly resilient lady who loves with a strong heart
  • Being less social makes me very unhappy
  • Watching Parenthood has made me a better person
  • Having more good days than bad is worth all of it
  • I have judged some people in my life to harshly and myself even worse and I want to be done with that
  • I love beef and I don't care if I am addicted to chocolate
  • Asking for something I need is so much better than being pissed off that someone didn't figure out I needed it
  • Some friends are forever friends and they love you unconditionally
  • Some friends are not
  • The harder it rains the bigger the waterfall
  • I think way too much about possible outcomes in other words I worry too much
  • "Church" is not really my thing Jesus and the word are
  • Living by the spoon theory really helps me and my hubs
  • In spite of mistakes I made I have 3 incredible children who humble me
  • Love is the greatest commandment, Hope gets you to the next day and faith carries you when you can't make it alone
  • When people love you and support your dream they buy tickets and open their home to you and they make an effort to stay connected and I feel loved
  • My new favorite flowers grow on lilikoi vines and for only a few days
  • Not being able to feed yourself or even cook really was frustrating
  • I want to live more in the present with intentionality purposefully because I think it will make my life more valuable to me
  • I need to love and intention in to my relationships constantly and show others how often they are thought of also prayed for
  • I need to trust God more and worry less
  • I need to take good care of myself and eat better and rest when I need to

Lord help me to stay focused on your plan for my life, keep my heart open and my attitude positive. I know that I know that I know you are God and no matter what comes my way I will feel your comfort and be in your arms forever. Let the next year be full of your blessings and may I have a heart of gratitude. While I am weaker and my disease has progressed I am resilient and I want to be used by you Lord I am willing. Lead me father I am yours. Amen

Also wanted to put a plug for one of my favorite blogs her list of goals is awesome.   A new kind of normal - check it out! 


  1. Awesome list...very humble and inspiring! I have fibromyalgia, chronic migraine and cervicogenic headache, a cervical fusion in c5-c7, arthritis and an autoimmune disease called Behcets disease. I try to remain positive, but it becomes difficult sometimes. I love your list and I need to try to remember these things!!

  2. Fibromyalgia is the pits! Mine is triggered by weather changes, barometric raising and lowering. I am so glad you read my page and left a comment. Check out Laurie Edwards books. They have helped me so much! Try to keep your sense of humor.
    God bless!


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