Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fibromyalgia Pain

The other night I left my computer open to move up the chair to the desk and I accidentally hit some buttons and the next thing I know it’s saying that it’s ready for dictation and I didn’t even know that I had dictation on this computer. I just recently purchased this notebook that October of last year when the screen on my old notebook died. It would’ve been great to discover that when my arm was in a brace for six weeks but I’ll take it now because I’m having such severe shoulder pain I can’t type. I don’t even really know how to get there to give it a shot.

Yesterday was a day from hell pain wise.  Seriously one of those days when you realize nothing is worth bearing this pain. I had three days of it this week. I guess it was a flare of the fibromyalgia which is disappointing because I blame my fibromyalgia on Colorado. This is the third time since we’ve lived here which isn’t bad I guess. In Colorado it would be three, four, sometimes five days a week. Between the barometric changes and the altitude my flares were extreme and often.

 Today we were out running errands and I did not have my pain medication so the flare got out of control and by the time we got home nothing seemed to help.  My sweet husband prayed over me and massaged my body vigorously and I drank some special herbal tea this was of course after taking the narcotic. Finally about four hours later the pain began to leave my body literally from my toes up my legs through the rest of my body slowly the pain stopped.

I understand why we have pain from injuries, surgeries, illness etc. but this pain serves no purpose that I can see. Knowing that it will continue to show up in my life makes me question God's and plan. When the pain is that severe I literally coil into a ball being weeping, yearning for death.  If this pain makes it so that I cannot participate in my life or anyone else’s what could possibly be the purpose? If the fibromyalgia continues to plague me here in paradise I will pray for God to take me because I cannot continue to live like this. Why not pray for healing you may ask? 

I started praying for healing in the late 90s. That is how long I have been dealing with this. At first I attributed the pain to my CMT or my car accident but a very intelligent persistent neurologist convinced me that overall screaming body pain was not CMT it was fibromyalgia. I was actually happy at first because I hate blaming my CMT for everything and there is definitely pain with CMT. But once I came to understand fibromyalgia and started taking some meds that help, getting massage, and limiting my activity it was at least helpful and gave me some sense of having an ability to control it. My fibromyalgia triggers are weather related and stress.It is the kind of pain unrelenting like labor and with it comes a fear that it will not go away and that it will get worse. In 2003 I made a definite plan to move to Hawaii after my daughter graduated and got settled into college. So, when the flares would happen I had that dream, (that promise of being at sea level with consistent weather which always seemed to make me feel better) to hold on to and it got me through a lot of flares and a lot of pain.

Now that we are here Lord what promise do I hold on to? This shows no purpose and no cure. Pain is a game changer and yes I sometimes get mad at you for allowing it. Please Father help me to see something positive in this. I need you to ease this pain. I hold to your promise th, at in heaven there is no pain and when the pain is at it's worst I beg you to take me. Jesus be with me, either here or there. Amen.

When I am on the edge of feeling forgotten by God I listen to nothing but Christian music that is real like this one There will be a day or   Praise you in this storm
Hope they can help you also.

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