Monday, February 9, 2015

Fighting the fight!

Last week was one of the best we have had since we came here. My energy level was high we did a  lot of fun things including seeing turtles surfing in the waves! It will be one of my favorites ever but this week has brought pain and weakness and financial worries. When I was able to work as a nurse I made really good money and it is so frustrating to me that I can no longer contribute financially. I feel guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed as always.

I know all my husband really wants is for me to be happy and enjoy as much of life as I can. So why do I fall back in to being angry. The enemy has a stronghold here in my life and I earnestly praying against it. I need to stay positive and keep counting my blessings. I need to have faith in God to improve our finances. I need to take a day off and physically rest when I need to. The enemy has stolen enough from me in my life I am making it my Job to see he doesn't get any more! If you can think of any scripture or quotes to send me I would love it.

Thank you Lord for reminding me that I am yours. In the comfort of your arms I lay my head to rest and pray that I can serve you tomorrow better than today. Amen!


  1. John 14:27" I leave you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. This peace I leave with you is not like the peace the world gives so do not let your hearts be troubled do not be afraid." Peace is a gift. Its given to us freely everyday in every circumstance. When we live in fear and anxiety we are pushing the gift away and rejecting Christ. This also worked for me, I was told to write ten things I was grateful for with the thing or person that was stealing my joy. If It was CMT, I would write about it making me more sensitive to others struggles. Then continuing to focus on the good of having this disease so when anxiety came knocking I would pull out my list and have an attitude of praise. You can't praise and worry at the same time. We choose which one we put on like the clothing we wear. Would you wear something that is itchy or irritating? So why do we choose to put on the Enemies choice of clothing if it will cause irritability? We accept the dirty used up smelly rotten gift from the Enemy instead of the beautifully fragrant gift of Christ. It always comes down to choice. Unfortunately we may not even be aware that we have chosen wrongly. Good news we can exchange it at any time for what Christ has to offer. Have a Christ filled blessed day.

  2. Mauigirl, I just wanted you to know how much your blog has meant to me, I was so close to killing myself and somehow ended up linking on to your blog. I'm not sure how I did that but in any event, thank you.

    1. Kay for some reason i just saw this forgive me for not reading it sooner. Suicide is never an option. Please read my post - or find it at the top of the home blog page on a tab. If you feel hopeless you feel out of control so break it down. What can you do in this moment to take care of yourself - change clothes pr position, eat, drink water, or take meds. Then start thinking what can I do in an hour from now, 2 hours 6 hours and so on. Sometimes just getting through that really low point is all you need. Please tell me more about yourself. You really made me stop questioning why God has me doing this blog thank you.

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