Thursday, November 6, 2014

Admitting depression

Another comedian admits to depression. Wayne Brady gave an interview and really opened up. It just goes to show how many people hide their depression and even enough to work making other people laugh. Sad. I certainly put on my smile for others but I don't have to do it to make a living. I always found it easier to feel "up" when I worked because I was focusing on other people.The more celebrities that share openly the better it will be for all of us. Depression can be part of a normal  grieving process with any loss, it can be biological or the affect of PTSD. You can't just decide to be happy if you have clinical depression. You have to work at it through therapy, educating yourself, lifestyle, diet and sometimes pharmaceutical aid. I have a brain that was permanently affected by severe trauma and I have learned to look at the meds as a positive and be grateful for them. An earlier post PTSD Facebook Page talks about how they can now see on an MRI the damage trauma does on the brain. Even if I didn't have PTSD because of my Chronic disease I continually am dealing with loss and physical pain and that brings depression. If you are struggling please take a step towards healing and make a call to a doctor who can help you get started. Tell the people in your life and come to terms with it yourself. It may be something totally out of your control and learning that would be helpful. If your body is out of balance with hormones or the brain chemicals needed for happiness meds can help but please don't stop there.  When I have a really good day I think "oh this is great the depression is gone"! Slowly it inches it's way back in and I am I feel defeated once again. Claiming scripture and prayer are some of my tools and they have made the difference between life and death a few times. There is hope in the treatment of depression and hope changes everything.

Lord I am so broken sometimes and I feel like it is just too hard to keep up the work it takes to keep my life together. I pray for strength and that I would be patient with myself. I also pray for more acceptance as my abilities deteriorate slowly but more noticeably now. I want to trust that no matter what you will be with me and I will be alright. Thank you Father that you are in charge and that you love me. Help others perhaps even someone reading this page to feel your love and guide them to healing. Help us to feel the peace that comes only from you, in the midst of the storm. Amen

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