Thursday, December 15, 2016


Don't let anyone steal your joy!


Been working on Christmas and my other blog because I am waiting to share my story here until after Christmas. I do not want to steal any one's joy. Joy stealer's are everywhere, invitations, family, commitments, being over budget and over booked. This is not the celebration of Christs birth. It is Commercial Christmas. Christ's birth should be a  special time of year not one to busy yourself out of the joy. The enemy comes to steal your joy and busyness is one method he uses, don't let him. Pick and choose what you want to experience and know that the people who truly love and support you will understand if your focus changes. It's about the birth of our savior and it is really His birthday party, don't spoil it.

I love everything about this holiday and try to absorb as much of it as I can. I stay away from things that might trigger me and I use all of my coping skills. Really wish I could fall asleep easier. Praying for that. In some ways my CMT has always caused me to pick the most important things on the list to get done and that has been a blessing.

My husband usually makes the yummiest caramels from an old family recipe and we send them to everyone. This year that isn't possible so we sent everyone Hawaiian calendars instead - done and feeling good about it. Still hoping he will make some for us and the neighbors etc. Bottom line we want to keep Jesus in Christmas so handing out caramels with a Jesus Christmas card to our grouchy neighbors might help them to see us differently- I am hoping.

Painted-by the creator- Painted Bark Eucalyptus trees in Hana
What are you doing to take care of yourself during the holidays? Never occurred to you? Well start now! remember you are like an injured bird learning how to fly again. Avoid family members who cause you to shut down. Christmas is not about them and do not let anyone shame you in to doing something that threatens your healing. Toxic people only add to your PTSD or can make chronic illness flare.

 Stay focused on Jesus. He desires relationship with you and He wants to help you heal. Stop putting on the fake "everything is ok" smile and be real. Just read this article from Healthy Place you might find helpful. If this time of year is part of your trauma protect your heart and mind but do not shut Jesus out. 
Pray. Love. Sing. Marvel at His creation. Celebrate.
This is a time of Joy and that Joy brings Him happiness. 
Celebrate Jesus!

 Jesus help me to honor you especially at this time of year. Help me to focus on the miracle of your birth and the fulfillment of prophecy. Bind the enemy from stealing my joy. Help me to take care of myself and to push the darkness away. Emmanuel- God is with us! I do love you so and I thank you for my life and for healing. You are truly a God of compassion and mercy. Amen.
12/15/16 I also want to add there is a book I have read called "The only little prayer you need". It is changing my life. It does not replace my bible but it is helping me to control my anxiety. Something I am doing to feel healthier.
Merry Christmas!

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