Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sometimes it's hard to be thankful

As I look at this time of thanksgiving I can't help but feel less than who I want to be for a moment, but with a progressive disease I know all too well, next year I may be unable to do some of the hings I am doing this year. So being thankful at this time of year for what I can do and for the blessings I do have is so important for my spirit. It takes more effort to forge through than to sit in self pity but if you keep at it soon it becomes a habit.

 None of this is possible without my faith and God's blessings.
 Is life perfect? No.
 Do I have everything I want? No. 
But with Him I have everything I need.

Being thankful - I am not perfect at it and sometimes I work at it harder some days than others but I do know being thankful fills my heart with joy and takes my focus off of me. It brightens my mood and gives me energy.


This is last year when just the 2 of us this year we will have 8! I would have never guessed we would have company this year.

Everyday this week I am making parts of the Thanksgiving feast to use my spoons wisely. A practice I first resisted but have come to love, I realized my family and friends want to spend time with me healthy and with little pain much more than they want a perfect dinner with handmade seating cards or fancy centerpieces. Letting go of all that stuff frees me to rest and be present, at least that is my goal.  It also allows others to add their perfect touch!

So whether you have a chronic illness or not lets all try to be more thankful for the important things from now on!

Father you alone are enough to be thankful for. Help us everyday to lean on you and to truly be grateful for all that we have. Encourage us with unexpected blessings and may we offer all that we have to you for your glory! Amen.


  1. I'm so happy you're going to be having guests and you're pacing yourself so you can enjoy every minute!! (hugs)

  2. I did it went too fast like all good things do.


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