Sunday, December 28, 2014

Writers that inspire me

Feeling low energy but still so inspired by a book I have been reading, "Life Disrupted" by Laurie Edwards that I am going to quote her book here instead of writing a longer post myself. Most of these thoughts are not new to us but it is somehow comforting and empowering to have them written down. Laurie's writing really speaks to chronic illness situations and solutions. I am so blessed to have found her book by way of her blog. It was one of those nights my fibromyalgia was in a frenzy and even though I was exhausted there was no sleep to be had and I googled chronic illness blogs hoping to find one and actually found a ton. When I read her words I was captured and instantly became a fan. Now that I have her first book I am reading it slowly to soak it in and hopefully cement in to my experience. It is my pleasure to share more of it here with you.
  • "The line to adapting to physical problems and ignoring them is precariously thin.- 
  • "In our sickest moments we need medicine far more than it need us, and challenging that institution when we're most vulnerable can be extremely difficult. - mustering the confidence to say no to a line of thinking that isn't helpful of healthful."
  • "a good patient is an empowered one."
  • "A doctor doesn't or shouldn't view what we say as a laundry list of complaints but as necessary tools to guide him or her toward better treatment"
  • "Her (doctor) job is to lay out your options and her recommendations. Your Job is to decide which of those is right for you".
  • "The more you suffer the more you are able to recognize suffering in others."
  • "We're not better people because we can empathize with someone's struggle-However if we able to channel accumulated patient experiences in a way that somehow makes a positive impact on someone else in a similar situation, then there is something redemptive about our suffering. "Paraphrasing)

This is what my blog is about. Helping others to tread the journey marked by our illness. Also to share my faith as a strengthener and definer of how the journey plays out for me. I hope someone finds it encouraging. Please let me know if you visit this page because I need encouragement also. Thank you!

I would also like to share a great list by "A new kind of normal " blog author Jamee

10 Things I learned from chronic illness

Jamee shares my faith and lifts me with her words.

Lord I pray that anyone in need of your love and encouragement would find it in your word or perhaps here or with any of the writings represented here. Guide my words to be helpful and bind the enemy from interfering in any way. I love you more than I can express and I long to serve you father, help me. Amen

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