Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Can do list- interrupted

I am so sick of cant’s! Can’t do this can’t do that! I want a long list of things I Can do! The most recent can’t came yesterday when my hubs and I went to check out a beach where a group called Beach Dance meets. Moving, dancing on the sand is so much safer for me because the sand is forgiving both with movement and if I fall. The idea of spending an hour dancing with others and enjoying time on the beach was so enticing for me. Well Boo! The beach is inaccessible to me. It involves a ¼ mile hike over uneven ground and around lava boulders, which will shred you if you fall on them. On a positive note if you come visit me I will tell you where this beach is!
So I am on to the Can Do list. Actually I am making it in to a Want To Do list because that is more empowering. Not a bucket list but things I can do on a regular basis. I could have completed the hike yesterday against my husbands advice and probably been injured maybe even needed a helicopter evacuation to get me out of there but I chose not to do that so it becomes my choice. This world is hard enough with CMT and some of the other issues I have going on. I want to make it easier. If you have CMT and wear AFO’s add to my list things you think I could do. We are stronger together and we Can Do it!
Tomorrow we are going on the Hana road but only as far as the lava tubes. I will walk it as far as I can and chose to!
                                                       Things I Want to do/ Can Do
Dance on an accessible beach maybe even invite others to join you
Drive in the car to spectacular scenery
Swim and water exercise
Be driven to a beach and watch the waves pound
Spot whales

I started this post 2 weeks ago and last week I fell and dislocated my elbow ;-[. Not a happy girl. This is my 4th major fall in 6 months, think I am looking at getting a scooter sooner than I thought. The can’t list is even longer now but the idea is a good one so I will get back to it, soon.
Lord you are my comfort in difficulty; I praise you for keeping the pain level low. LORD sometimes these added challenges would lead me to doubt you but I feel such peace right now. I need your encouragement to get through the added challenges from not using my arm. Protect me from the lies of the enemy and let others see your never-ending grace in me. Amen


  1. Love the "Can Do" attitude. And while it might be true that you fall more than anybody else I know, you also rise back up with more grace than anyone I know.


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