Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pain control

Need to have a chat with the pain management doctor tomorrow and am feeling anxious about it. Pain makes my life unlivable at times. Pain steals my joy and definitely affects my sense of purpose. Not wanting to live with any more pain is not the same as being suicidal. It means for me at least that I am going to start making some noise until someone finally hears me. Living in pain is unacceptable. We don't let our animals live in pain. Pain breaks me down in to nothing of any value. Similar to the argument from my primary care doc about chronic pain being managed by narcotics reduces your life. Huh? Same theory reversed reasons. I am definitely going to try and get the attention and care I need and should have if it doesn't happen I am going to mm teas, oils, lotions. I will not have any choice.

So where are you in this God ? Are you closing doors and opening new ones. I trust you to find a solution and to use whomever you need to make it happen. I need to not live in this kind of pain Lord. Please either fix it or take me. I am done. Amen 

Brandon Heath Love Does

Sometimes when God answers my prayers like he did yesterday I get goosebumps! I prayed that my husband could be here for my doctor phone appointment and he got to work 2 hours and they sent him home due to wind! He was such a big help talking to the doctor and we came up with a plan that looks encouraging to me. A strong reminder of why it is important to pray. God wants us to rely on him and be confident of his actions. I really believe this. I have seen it many times.

Lord I am praising you for such a quick answer to my prayers. Help me to be patient when the answer is unclear or seems out of reach. You are so much bigger than I can imagine. I am grateful and humbled by your Grace and your Love. Amen.

 * Been using a TENS unit for the hip pain and it worked really well.3/6/16