Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grace is Sufficient - Making Decisions

Such an excellent post by my friend Kim at Grace is Sufficient Making decisions. I printed this nugget and will put it in my office to be a reminder. Yesterday was one of those valley days for me and if I had been pressed to make a decision it would not have been a good one. Sometimes we just need to ask for time and we need to pray. Prayer always helps to calm me and remind me I have a God that is greater than my pain and my bad day. He will work all things out for His glory!
Kim is also doing a book club on "Choose Joy" written by Sarah Frankl - a christian woman with chronic illnes and Mary Carvers. I have never done a book club before but after reading her posts I am getting the book.

Father you are amazing how you use others to give us your blessings. I want to lift Kim up to you today and ask to ease her burden and give her rest. She is such a precious friend to me and I appreciates that she uses some of her valuable time to reach out to others. Lord let this post this blog reach those who need you most in their daily struggles to stay afloat. I love you Lord. Amen.

Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Inventory

Can't believe it's time for double fives already! Starting a few white hairs coming though so no denying it. This last year has been another one full of change, acceptance and growth. Wouldn't want things to get boring! All in all it has been a year full of good memories and time well spent. I love Jesus even more than I ever have.

 Michael and I are in a good place, a little bumped and bruised but happy and healing. My kids are living healthy happy lives with good people in them. I officially retired from nursing and am just grateful to have done it as long as I did. My favorite past time is coloring. I have been coloring to relax and bring calm in to my life for a long time.It is a positive memory from my childhood and comforts me. Now that adult coloring is popular I have more choices of what to color. I really like gel pens they make it easier on  my wrist. I pray for the person I am making the picture for while I am coloring, so it serves a greater purpose.

The highlight of my year was going to Colorado for my daughters graduation from DU. I had some great family time and fun events. I started using my ambulation chair there and it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. I got to do more things because of it. I actually didn't even mind it by the time my visit was over.

We got stuck in downpours, ate ice cream, went to the museum and Brayden made me a monkey that sings "Take me out to the ball game". I hug it when I miss him which is often.

Spent a lot of time with my brothers and sister-in -law who have been a constant source of support in my life. Got to go to my favorite amusement park with all of the kids!

I also Slayed the dragon while I was there and it was so empowering!   

   Spent some real quality time with my son and dauther-in-law so sweet.

 Year in Review
*Through no fault of my own I have gained 20 lbs and it was all because of my under active thyroid!  I only expect to feel that weak and lifeless again when I die. Check out- The ups and downs of Thyroid Having my thyroid/adrenal system crash was intense. We are still not quite right with the dosage but definitely feeling like I can make it now.

*Got my scooter and it turned my world in to accessible! So glad I have it. The post To scoot or not to scoot  I talk about the decision making. Bottom line is I am a stubborn independent woman and being able to do what I want or go where I want to has changed my attitude so much! Kolo trained to ride by my feet in one outing!We are quite the sight.

*Been working on discernment and keeping crazy people at an arms reach. I like helping people who really want to be helped but not those who just want to complain and be unaccountable for their actions. Had too many of those people in my past.

*Love our new place we moved in to in August. Feels like home. Pool is so pretty and the landscaping is like a resort.

*Joined a board game club on the Meet Up site and I push myself to learn new games. I really have fun.

*No more PT for me. Some of things we were doing made things worse. Frustrating news from the Ortho doc -no uneven ground like the beach because it could cause my bones to break. I cried, then I went out on the scooter and got close to the water and it made me feel better. Forming an idea to get a sled and have Michael pull me to the flat part of the beach. Persistent!

*Made some new friends and met some neighbors. Love it when Tatiana brings the baby over. Aniya is so beautiful and smart.

*I have had the pleasure of watching my daughter fall in love with a man that seems to be incredible. She has faced her fears and moved to a place she loves to start her practice in animal assisted therapy.We have grown much closer even though we are miles a part.

 *I am replacing worrying with faith in God and I am much happier. Accepting my limitations takes away a lot of stress. Trying to stay focused on what I can do or be creative in making a situation work. I touch on this in my post Time for a cane.

*I have gotten close to some other bloggers and it feels like a good community of women. Sharing feedback and learning from each gives me depth as a writer. I am grateful for the internet and the support it brings. I even received a Blogger of the year nomination!

*After swearing off NFL football when Tebow was let go from the Bronco's I find myself watching and getting excited to see them make it
to Super Bowl 50.

*Already been on 3 whale watch's this season and am scheduled for one on my birthday this week and saw the Whales in 3D in Colorado with my sweet daughter.

*One my favorite things on Maui this year was finding these Green Sea Turtles!

*Still volunteering just trying to figure out how to make it work best for me.

Looking Ahead
I am very excited that my niece Theresa is publishing her book soon! Excited for her and hoping she will write our story next.
I want to look in to volunteering at the hospital to work with kids.Kind of completing the circle.
For my complete story go to My Trauma Story.

I am learning about the essential oils my daughter sent me, like frankincense helps me sleep.
I want to cook new dishes. Try new foods.
Hoping someone will come visit I do miss them even more than I expected to. If I ever doubt purpose in my life looking at this post will remind when I push through the hard days I find joy on the other side!

Father thank you for my life. It has been a bumpy road but you have always been there to ease my pain, comfort and guide me.  I am grateful for all of the answered prayers even when it has been "no" or my least favorite "wait". I feel so blessed to have my friends and family and my visit with many of them this year. You are my source of joy and grace, I am so grateful. I pray that wherever this journey may take me I will seek your will and follow it. Protect my marriage and my children's marriages from indifference, I pray that you continue to be the guiding light in their lives. Jesus if it is your will have my story help others, it is your story to do what you will with it in your timing. Amen.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cross + Posting

Shine On!

Can I make a blog post centered around a sweet picture and quote? You betcha! I have had my experiences with spiritual warfare from horrendous times to small daily trip ups. The battle can seem unwinnable but the battle belongs to the Lord and keeping my faith focused on him keeps me strong and centered. I have certain prayers I use repeatedly and some scripture memorized which help. Mostly I just start talking to Him and laying my burdens down for Him to take care of, I also stay focused on knowing that I can get through anything the enemy throws at me when I am close to God. I know the end of the story and it is beautiful. see more Healing takes a lifetime
Shine On!