Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kindness and compassion

Today was a genuinely rare showing of kindness and compassion from  my ortho doc here concerning my hip also my well being and quality of life. We talked for 15 mins and came up with a plan that gives me a sense of relief and tiny bit of hope. When a doctor can take just a few minutes with a person to brainstorm and answer questions it can take away so much anxiety, it has changed my whole outlook! I feel cared for, validated and important. I also felt heard which is so precious to me. This was a really great thing for me right now.

Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to discuss my situation with my doctor and for keeping me unemotional so that I could speak clearly. Thank you for bringing this doctor in to my life. I pray for your continued guidance and provision for my needs. Amen

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