Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Where are you Lord?

I hesitate to share this kind of day because I know there are some struggling with even more than I am. It is truth though and that is what I committed to when I started this blog. Just hear God's voice and promises in your life and believe in Him no matter what.

Where are you Lord? The road ahead is not clear and it seems uphill. I haven't the energy to travel it alone. I am not even sure I can make it with you carrying me. 
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I am so exhausted and feel like I am inside a fish bowl watching life go on with out me. The doctors are overwhelmed by me how can I expect them not to be? My body is screaming from the inside. Yet if I were given a choice that I could be healed of pain or of exhaustion it would hands down be exhaustion. I can ignore the pain better if I am up and about or can I? I have persevered through all kinds of pain my whole life. Lord do I have to choose? Can it be both?

I look to you- Whitney Houston

I keep focusing on heaven. Is that a good thing? Am I missing something you have for me here? Or am I just missing the point entirely? Is it that I have something of value to give to someone else? 
I used to tell my patients that nursing made me feel good. To take care of someone made me feel good.
I have seen so much physical pain and illness and yet I have seen the end and it is glorious. Patients with untouchable pain seeing you Lord in their last moments and peace enveloping their body muscles relaxing, pain gone forever. I know it will come. Today is just a hard day.

Even if the healing doesn't come-Kutless

Surrounding myself in song with your word.

You are faithful. I am weak. Hold me in your spirit today Lord. I know tomorrow the blessings will come. Help me get to tomorrow Lord. I surrender to you Lord. Amen.

Footprints in the Sand song- Leona Lewis

Nov 5 2015
As is usually the case in my life God has shown himself and I feel encouraged. I pray that God will reveal himself to you and bless you with encouragement also.

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