Monday, October 5, 2015

The up's and down's of thyroid

In July I was feeling tired probably from my trip to Colorado I told myself. Having CMT carries the danger of blaming any health related symptom on the CMT. Also because of CMT I have pushed myself hard my entire life. The kind of pushing a runner does to get through the marathon, beyond what your body tells you is  possible. This is not compatible with low thyroid however. So as we began the preparations to move I was pushing myself. I increasingly became more and more exhausted.  We were in the house just a few days and I had on of the worst UTI's I have ever had. The pain went away with medication but I was flat. All of the life sucked out of me. I returned to the doctor's office insisting that there was something else wrong with me. "are you depressed? It could be the fibromyalgia" were the comments I received from a doctor I had not ever seen before. Blood tests don't lie and are not usually subjective so I insisted on some.

There was something wrong- low thyroid! Even though I worked in health care hormone issues like thyroid are new to my base of knowledge but it made sense. So I started medication but actually got worse before I started feeling better. Cancer? Lupus? What was I dealing with? Well I still am not sure. My tests after 6 weeks of treatment have confused me. I can tell you I now know what it feels like to have some diseases that leave you so weak you can't muster up enough energy to get yourself a glass of water. I know my husband was scared. He actually started writing my eulogy, poor guy.

 I am once again calling upon God with a health issue. If I remember to keep him in charge the anxiety drifts and I can say "so what if it is Cancer or Lupus"?  I am feeling a little more like myself and well I am writing which I haven't been doing so that is a good sign.
I am confident He will oversee my every day.

Lord what a journey we have had together. I have never felt so close to death before. I have desired it at times due to pain- physical and emotional. Please forgive me for the doubt during those times. I have a renewed spirit and am full of things I want to do with my life. If it is your will I know that you will restore me to health enough to do the things that serve you. That is my strongest desire. Amen.

1/20/1016 Update- I am still confused on how the TSH and the T-3 and T-4 all work together but I am feeling better. The bad news is the weight gain is back and that is frustrating. I also continue to have some hot, cold and other symptoms. The more I read the more confusing ot becomes. I am seeing an endocrinologist now which gives me more confidence but it is a slow process. Praying for God's healing and guidance.