Friday, June 12, 2015


"Your not believing for Gods healing" It really sucks when other christians assume your blessing or healing has not come because your faith is not strong enough. I have prayed for healing and expected healing to come from the Lord.  I am still believing God for healing and if the healing comes in death and being in Paradise free from this body, I will gladly take it.  I will be restored by His Grace and His love when it is time, until then I just need to trust Him to get through each day.

If you are hurting or in need of encouragement read some scripture. Find something that speaks to you, encourages you. He loves you so much and longs to answer your prayers.

Father we know you have plans for us, not to hurt us and we are trusting you Lord for your Grace and compassion. Hear us Father when it hurts to move in bed and we cry out for you, hear us Lord in our despair. I do believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. May it be so. Amen