Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mothers Day Ideas from "Grace is Sufficient"


 I found this great list of Mothers day ideas and wanted to share it with you. Help the people in your life learn how to help you. This is from my friend Kim and her site is Grace is Sufficient

10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for the Chronically Ill Woman

Each year my husband and kids ask what I would like for Mother’s Day. To be honest, they usually come up with the best gifts all on their own. Here are a few great things I’ve either received or would like. I bet you can relate!

Here are 10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for the Chronically Ill Woman

  1. A slow cooker with a few ready to go freezer meals for those day’s you’re not feeling well. Having a ready to go meal in the freezer that just needs dumped in a crock pot can truly help on those days when you’re not up to cooking.
  2. A pillow for the bathtub. Hot water therapy is recommended for a number of chronic illnesses and chronic pain conditions. Why not have a tub pillow to allow you to soak as comfortably as possible.
  3. Cute lounging pants and tops. There are days where getting dressed does not make the to-do list or even the I’m-able-to-do-this list. Having a cute set of lounge wear will allow you to feel a bit better than resting around the house in torn sweatpants and a baggie t-shirt.
  4. A waterproof speaker for the bathroom. I found one of these on Amazon for my daughter for Christmas this year. It’s bluetooth operated so you can enjoy your favorite Pandora channel or playlist while soaking in the tub.
  5. A set of brightly colored paper plates, napkins, and cups.  I know going green is important to all of us but some days we just can’t manage preparing a meal and the clean up afterward. This will allow you a much needed break on the dinner dishes when you’re having a bad day.
  6. Homemade coupons for housekeeping chores. You might feel awkward or uncomfortable asking someone for help around the house. But getting a set of coupons for various jobs around the house would allow you to get some help from a willing individual.
  7. A Kindle or Nook. Reading can give you a much needed mental vacation. Also, you can usually grab an “e” version of a book for a bit less than the hard cover or paperback.
  8. A Netflix or Hulu subscription. There are times you can’t even focus to read. For those days watching a good movie or binge watching your favorite sit- com can be just the ticket.
  9.  A cleaning lady for a day or an organizer for a particular task. You may feel totally overwhelmed when you look at all the cleaning that needs done around your house. Bringing someone in for a day to tackle the jobs that your energy or pain levels won’t allow you to do, will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own home. Is there a closet or room that needs organized so you can function easier? Finding an organizer that will work with you and understand your special needs will allow you to function better in that area of your home.
  10.  A beautiful journal to serve as a paper brain! Carrying a cute notebook or journal in your purse can allow you to make note of all the little things your mind just won’t keep up with.

Friday, April 17, 2015

I needed to read this today and it helped tremendously. Highly reccommend it.

Serenity when ill
and also this site
rest ministries

Be well!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 Lord on days like today with sharp pain in my body, I wonder where you are? Most people have one illness or injury to deal with and for me you keep allowing  more.

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent with my husband and on the island. Everything seemed perfect, but by the end of the day the pain in my hip/back started. I should look at yesterday as a gift I suppose but my desire is for many more days like that - many. Help my attitude Lord change my heart.

When I start to question why it gets me in trouble emotionally. My upbringing included the Catholic church which at that time, focused a lot on the sins and suffering from them. I only went to Catholic church until I was about 13 but some of those messages get ingrained in to your psyche so deep that I catch my self asking for your forgiveness Lord when I am in pain or having difficulty. The truth is I am already forgiven and the price for my sins is paid though the conversations of prayer with you are always healing there is no penance required on my part.

So why the pain? Purely physiological? Nerves being irritated by activity? Spine out of alignment? Where is the healing Lord? I am not a martyr and I do not take my pain as suffering for some greater good. I take it as a huge inconvenience and a disappointment following a good day. I am asking Father for healing from pain. Please give me the wisdom as to what I can do to stop it. This sharp pain is almost intolerable. I love you Lord and I trust you and I know that the pain today is just a blip on my life's radar but it is real. I need you Lord to heal my spine and alter this pain please Father.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Time for a cane

I am happy to say I have started to use a cane and it has been quite useful! It helps my balance and my confidence - this is walking with out my AFO's like I like to do sometimes. This is part of the acceptance I have talked about.  I am really glad my physical therapist suggested it. I have also noticed when people see me with a cane they give me more room to walk through a crowded room, etc. I think it will let people know someone who has trouble walking is here and needs to find a chair like when we went to the movies this weekend.This is not a loss it is a gain and I am grateful to have it and have a little more freedom using it. Might sound strange to some. Never judge another until you have walked or in my case stumbled in their shoes.

Lord I am so incredibly grateful for the physical therapist that you have brought in to my life here and how much knowledge she has about CMT. I love working with her she is a good listener and has deep compassion. She was the bright spot of my day. I pray Lord that you will give me an opportunity to share you with her. Please give me discernment and help me tell her who you are in my life. Your such a great and awesome God and I want to share that with others so badly. I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Amen