Saturday, February 28, 2015

NY Times Article

Read the article and let me know what you think- Written by Anne Patchett

Finding Joy in My Father's Death

 This is my opinion-
Honesty - so refreshing. I get it. I worked hospice as a nurse for many years and I have had a father almost die several times, when he actually did die it was a comfort to know he was free from pain. I have also taken care of a beloved aunt doing what I could to make sure she died in her own bed the way she wanted to. And I have mostly felt accomplished, relieved and joy. Yes joy because I do believe in God and I know this is not the final destination. I now face many health problems of my own and have had several real conversations with my family on what is NOT to happen if I should be unable to speak for myself. Death is simply a transition and often the end of suffering as it was with her father.  My husband plans on being happy for me whenever I go and it makes me smile!
Lord help us to know that death however it may come is the passageway to your heaven and to remember for those that are are suffering it is even more amazing because there is no pain. Although we will miss our friends and loved ones it will not be long until we are together forever.Amen.

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